Top 3 Refreshing and Real Irish Mental Health Podcasts

This post promotes our top three favorite refreshing and real Irish podcasts at the minute. Each podcast features a mental health element to it. It is important to continue to support our Irish celebrities who are going above and beyond to promote Mental Health Awareness and to encourage conversation surrounding mental health.

Mental Health Ireland promote 5 steps to wellbeing, one of which is “Keep Learning”.

“Learning new skills is both useful and it can also positively affect our mental wellbeing. Learning means different things to everyone. To some it will be a new qualification and to others it will be learning a new recipe in the kitchen.” Or, my new favourite hobby, listening to podcasts!

The BlindBoy Podcast

Irelands very own unsung hero! Blindboy is one half of Irish comedy duo the Rubberbandits. The lads have since dived into history, documentaries and now, Podcasts since the release of the viral sensation ‘Horse Out Side’. His uncanny ability to articulate what nearly everyone is thinking is unparalleled and something that is sorely needed in Irish society.

His podcast, ‘The Blindboy Podcast’ which he started last October has gained over 2,300 5-star ratings on iTunes. Blindboy is an active speaker on men’s mental health, and even introduced a brief mini-series surrounding Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, after fans on Twitter enjoyed the first episode and encouraged him to continue. He even features lots of live guests, such as Bernadette Devlin McAliskey and David MacWilliams.


Caroline Fornan’s Owning It Podcast

‘Understanding what anxiety is, why we have it and how it affects us is the first port of call on your journey towards wellness and, trust me, just having this knowledge alone can alleviate some of what you’re feeling.’
‘Anxiety’ is a word you’re well familiar with.’ An extract from Carolines first book, Owning It, proves exactly why we need her podcast.

Caroline Fornan published her first book in 2017 and is now in the process of writing her third book. She is now taking over the Podcast world and has just recently began her own podcast – Owning It!


A Lust For Life Podcast

Ireland’s mental health system is failing us – something needs to change, and soon.

A Lust for Life has brought together some of the best and brightest minds in Ireland’s mental health sector to ask:

Why is our mental health system so dysfunctional?

Who is responsible for fixing it?

And what can we, collectively, do to create long-term, systemic change?

Award winning mental health charity A Lust for Life was co-founded in 2015 by Niall Breslin (Bressie). It launched a six-part podcast series, Where There’s A Will, about our mental health system to answer these questions.


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